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Meathead Minutes Return with COVID-19 Vaccine Mythbusting!

Guess who's back? Back again...Meathead Minutes are back. Tell a friend. It has been FAR too long since I've updated the site or posted a Meathead Minute! 2020 was a rough year for nearly all of us, and I certainly did not escape its wrath. Running the COVID response for my local region, seeing patients, getting COVID myself, and dealing with the general stresses of life as a human put Dr. Meathead and #HealthThroughStrength in limbo for a little while. But that's OK! Sometimes the universe throws things your way and you have to shift your priorities. More on that in a future post.

Anyways, I'm super stoked to be back talking with y'all! I had initially planned for my triumphant return to Meathead Minutes with something a bit more positive and inspirational, but the internet has forced my hand with all the nonsense out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. Although I usually stay away from the comments section for my own personal sanity, I went down a rabbit hole last week and got all types of riled up! The vaccine for the deadliest pandemic since the Spanish Flu seems to scare a lot of people, and that's primarily due to misinformation. As I once read in an NPR article (though I wish I thought of it myself), there is a "wealth of information, but a poverty of truth" on the internet. This has been especially true regarding what I believe to be the crowning achievement of medical science in the 21st century. Never before has a vaccine of this efficacy and importance been developed so quickly and through collaboration with so many different scientists worldwide. Though the rate of release can be concerning to some, it is AWESOME! What the scientific community has done over the last 10-12 months in response to the murderous nature of this virus is incredible, and I was literally filled with joy when I got my vaccination for SARS-nCOV-2. This is our first real weapon in the fight against COVID-19, and is truly a light in the darkness that we have all been struggling through for the past year or so.

I highly recommend everyone out there who is able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to go get it STAT! There are many myths out there regarding this immunization, so I made video to help debunk some of the common ones I've heard. I'm still waiting for my check from Big Pharma though. Where do I sign up for that?

As always, please consult with your personal physician prior to starting any medication, vaccination, or other treatment plan. And if you need a doc you can trust, head over to and get signed up with me! Now go watch Meathead Minute #45 and get your COVID-19 vaccine knowledge on!

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