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Linked here are websites/resources you can trust to produce quality content and products, all of which I use on a consistent basis. Look for updates to this page as I find more quality sources for great info all over the internet. One can never possess too much knowledge.

Strength & Conditioning


  • SteadyMD: A personalized online primary care practice, matching patients with doctors who know them and share their interests. And oh yeah, I'm one of those docs. Check us out!

  • American Academy of Family Physicians: The organization of which I am a member, with up to date information about primary care medicine and general health. 

  • A great resource for patient information, explained in uncomplicated terminology that you can apply to your daily life.

  • American College of Sports Medicine: A constant source of sports medicine, athletic training, and S&C research.

  • American Medical Society of Sports Medicine: The governing body for sports medicine physicians and publisher of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

  • The most up-to-date information for both patients and providers about a wealth of medical topics.

  • American Board of Family Medicine: The certifying body for family physicians such as myself. Use this site to find a family doc in your area.

  • Clinical Athlete: A database of physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and the like who are athletes themselves and understand the unique challenges of treating the athlete.

  • Exercise is Medicine: A US-based, now global initiative coordinated by the AMA and ACSM to educate both patients and providers about the health benefits of physical activity and facilitate the prescription of exercise as a medical treatment.

  • Barbell Medicine: Although some would consider them a competitor of mine, I look at these guys as pioneers in the marriage of  strength and health. Without Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki, Dr. Meathead may not exist!

  • Spencer Nadolsky, DO: One of my fellow #docswholift. He specializes in lifestyle and weight loss medicine while competing as a bodybuilder and triathlete. Spencer provides a large amount of no-nonsense info for patients of all types on fitness and weight loss.

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