I've lost count of how many patients I've seen in my clinic who had health, fitness, or functionality goals and had no idea where to start. The majority of them had already seen physicians who were just as clueless. Add this to the number of overuse injuries I treat on a weekly basis that are caused by foolish training, and there is a huge number of people out there who could use some (or a lot of) help with their programming. Whether you are simply trying to get back in shape after a layoff, trying to lose weight and improve your overall health, or are a competitive athlete, I'm here to help. Combining my own background as an athlete with knowledge of injury rehab, nutrition, medicine, and strength & conditioning, I can help you get over the hump to achieving your goals. I am a part of the Unicorn Strength Training Team of coaches, so head over to their website and get signed up! If I can't help you, I can definitely get you to somebody who can!

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Finding a doctor you trust as an athlete can be HARD. Half the time they either look at you like a crazy person, and the other half they just tell you to stop your sport if it has led you to any injuries. Who wants that? A good primary care physician should not only help you with your physical health, but also assist you in thriving as a whole person. For athletes, that means maximizing their sport performance and minimizing the risks associated with competition and training. Lucky for you, there's a personalized service available via the internet whose goal is exactly that. At SteadyMDwe partner you with a doc that really gets to know you, listens to you, has time for you, and is aligned with your life...all via the internet. And one of those docs is me! Even if you don't consider yourself an athlete, high-quality primary care is essential to your long-term health. In addition to my focus in lifestyle and musculoskeletal medicine, I also treat the gamut of chronic illnesses with a focus on whole-patient wellness. Mind-body medicine and mental health are also areas of specialization for me, so I'd be happy to help with that too! If you're interested in taking your physical and mental #HealthThroughStrength to the next level, head over to to get signed up with me or check out our excellent team of providers to see if one of them is an even better fit for you.

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ALERT: We are having some difficulties with the online store at this time. If you'd like to order a shirt or anything else, head over to the contact page and shoot me a message with your size and shipping address and we'll make it work!