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Teaming Up With Unicorns!

Today is pretty exciting. I am happy to announce that I have officially teamed up with some awesome and strong ladies on #TeamUnicorn! If you don't know about Unicorn Strength Training, we (I guess I can say "we" now) are a team of coaches from varying background that work with athletes of all levels to achieve their goals. Liefia Ingalls, a pro strongwoman, world middleweight champion, and multiple world record holder is basically our Captain Marvel. Or Wonder Woman? Maybe both. She has brought together a group of actively competing coaches with an excellent body of knowledge between us. I am grateful that I was asked to collaborate with all of them. Be on the look out for our athletes on the podiums of competitions everywhere, or head over to and help us turn you into a mythical creature...or you know, teach you how to lift heavier things than you do now. Those are basically the same thing.

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