If You're Not Deadlifting, You're Wrong.

"There's no reason to be alive if you can't do deadlift!" Immortal words spoken by the great Jon Pall Sigmarsson (pictured here). I don't just personally believe this because it's my favorite lift; it's not entirely inaccurate. Deadlifts are the most "functional" lift one can do, and should be a staple in just about any training program. Regardless of your goals, the king of all lifts is beneficial to achieving them. But aren't they bad for your back?!? NO! For the love of God, NO! If performed properly (prior injury history notwithstanding), the deadlift is completely safe and is actually beneficial to long term spinal health. Watch this week's Meathead Minute for a little more depth about deads. Happy #Deadcember, everybody!


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