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It's PRT Season!

It's fall again, and for my military readers out there, that means PRT season is fast approaching. Whether you want to simply pass the PRT or excel at it, smart training prior to your test is crucial. Below is a short, simple training program to help you improve your score. It is based on a 9 week timeframe with week 1 being a pre-test and week 10 being the PRT itself. In the interest of low back health while not violating the principle of specificity, The number of curl-ups are lower and are replaced with planks. If you're feeling really saucy, look up "Stir The Pots" and sub those in for the planks once per week. This can be run concurrently with other training programs, but you should likely dial back a bit of your pressing, core, and cardio volume. Good luck out there, and may the timer forever be in your favor.

P.S. This does not include pull-ups for all you Marines out there, but you guys and gals don't really need much help with your fitness anyways! If you want to add those in, go ahead and use the same sets and percentages as the pushups.

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